The Farm


Faja Farm was founded in 2005, when Carlos Rojas Mena, known as “Faja” retires and decides with his wife Claudia Campos Alvarez, known as “Cabita”, leave their sedentary lives in Neily City and moving to Copabuena of Coto Brus and start a new chapter in their lives.

This place called actually Copabuena, long before  it was a private property of the Chiquita Fruit Company and was later acquired by the Coopabuena Cooperative to process Coffee.

Copabuena is a community that is part of the District of Agua Buena, this offers unique ecosystems that have been used for planting vegetables, and there are areas under environmental protection where you can find wildlife, is the case of the Loma Linda farm and Las Cruces Biological Station (OTS), and the imposing La Amistad International Park provides a unique sight of sunsets and sunrises.

Visit Agua Buena and the unique experience of living ecosystems and their country folk.

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